Wyatt Scott

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Email: Scottw2@misericordia.edu


Wyatt Scott studies Government, Law and National Security at Misericordia University. This unique degree offers analytical thinking on a trilateral basis to cover all aspects affecting national security. He also studies Foreign Policy at American University’s School of Professional and Extended Studies. Wyatt is an intern at the Truman National Security Project where he conducts research and advocacy work. His work includes various papers on the U.S. national security apparatus and global security dilemmas ranging from the world wars, cold war and beyond. His current work includes a research study (Colombia and the FARC: U.S. Role in War and Peacemaking).

Wyatt currently serves in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as an Infantry soldier in his unit’s Sniper Section. He has spent time in the Republic of Georgia, Jamaica, Germany, and all over the U.S.