Gregory Kulchyckyj




Gregory Kulchyckyj analyzes Eurasia and the Middle East in regards to Human Rights, Energy, and Security. He is currently doing a double major in international relations and economics at Tufts University. He has written papers on Ukrainian domestic movements and the intersection between human rights and nationalism in Europe. He is currently spending the Spring 2017 semester in Washington DC as a foreign policy student in American University’s Washington Semester Program, conducting research on the implementation of American foreign policy objectives in Ukraine since 2004.

Prior to Tufts, Greg lived in Ukraine for 11 years and Germany for three years. During that time, he witnessed Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity and Russia’s invasion into Crimea and the Donbas. Throughout his life, Greg has traveled to over 30 countries, observing numerous cultures and lifestyles. He is trilingual in English, Ukrainian, and German. Greg hopes to continuously learn and engage in international developments affecting the world today.