The United States no longer the “City Upon a Hill,”

By: Jana Heigl

People waving flaming torches, swastikas and giving the Nazi salute – horrifying images from Charlottesville, Virginia that show: The United States are no longer the “city upon a hill” that the world can look to for guidance. If alt-right bigots can scream racist, misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic paroles and get away with it, because the President backs them in fear of falling out of their favor, how can the United States be a role-model? It seems surreal that the nation that helped defeat the Nazis in the Second World War and installed a new form of government in Germany, now supports exactly those people. Of course, the alt-right group is relatively small. However, they not only ashamed those people that have lived through the Nazi-regime and fled to the US, because they thought it was a safe haven. They also ashame those people that gave their lives in the fight against Hitler. President Trump not having the courage to criticize their acts explicitly is embarrassing and reduces American integrity and credibility. If Trump wants to put “America First”, how can he support the alt-right movement that is by definition against freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people. By supporting racist bigots, Trump puts hate, violence and fear first, not America. And he doesn’t even try to hide it. Recently, he said that he does not regret his comments on the events in Charlottesville and blamed the media on misrepresenting his words. Yes, it’s true that he criticized violence “on both sides”, but that isn’t enough to put right-extremism back in the box. David Duke thanking President Trump for his actions should be enough to warn you. Racism and bigotry shouldn’t have a place in the US in 2017. Unfortunately, they do. Kids should be taught in school about crimes the neo-nazis actually committed during their regime. It is important to understand, that this is not just something isolated that happened in Germany 80 years ago. It can happen anywhere, even in what used to be “the city upon a hill”.


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